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Community Involvement and Support Services

What We Do

Support Services is responsible to the people who use our services to provide the support they have outlined in their personal plan. Our job is to help people make their plan a reality.

What We Believe


We have to make sure we are listening to each person about how they want us to work with them – from what support workers do to how they do it. While we honour the involvement of others in a person’s life, we see our accountability first and foremost to the person who uses our services.

We are also accountable to the Ministry of Community and Social Services as the main source of funding. This includes meeting all legislative requirements.

Who We Are

We employ over ninety part-time and full-time support workers, five team leaders and a director who work together with the people who use our services and their families to design and provide services to over fifty people.

Both children and adults use our services.

How We Work

People who use our services and/or their families are part of the hiring process and choose their workers. Each person who uses our services has a team of workers around them who all work together with the person and others in their lives (ex. family) to provide individualized supports.

We do not offer ‘day programs’ or other congregated services. Rather, each person decides what they want to be doing on a daily basis and we provide services that are needed to help make that happen.

We also do not operate group homes. Each person lives the way that they have chosen, for example; with a roommate, with someone else who uses our services, or with couples or families. Each person has an individualized budget which outlines the costs of the supports based on their plan.

Supporting People Means…

The services we provide are as diverse, as the people we support. Some of the ways that we support people may include;