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A Membership entitles you to:

Cost: $5.00 per year

General Membership: General Membership is open to any person who supports the goals of Community Living St.Marys & Area and who pays an annual membership fee, except persons who are employed by CLSMA or other organizations with which it is affiliated.  Membership fee is $5.00 per year

Affiliate Membership: Affiliate Membership is open to employees of CLSMA. An affiliate member may cast no vote and is not eligible to become a Director. Membership fee is $5.00 per year.

Associate Membership: Directors may request the appointment of Associate Members from organizations in St.Marys and Area. The Board of Directors reserves the right to approve each appointment.  An Associate member may cast a vote and is eligible to become a Director. An employee cannot be an Associate member.

Honourary Life Member: Honourary Life Membership may be conferred by the Board of Directors on any person who has made an outstanding contribution to CLSMA.  An Honourary Life Membership does not preclude the holding of a General Membership by eligible persons.

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