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Friends of Community Living St. Marys & Area

As a Friend of Community Living St. Marys and Area – 

I declare my support of the Vision, Mission and Principles of the Association

Our Vision: “A community where everyone belongs”

Our Mission: “To nurture the ability and willingness in our community to welcome and support all people as valued and contributing citizens.

Principle #1 We believe everything starts with the person.

Principle #2 We believe we are accountable to the person first while honouring relationships in the person’s life.

Principle #3 We believe that a range of relationships are valuable and important to everyone.

Principle #4 We believe everybody has the right to self-determination.

Principle #5 We believe that inclusive communities are created and strengthened by recognizing and acting on the belief that each person has unique gifts that are necessary contributions.

Principle #6 We believe in our commitment to people with developmental disabilities from St. Marys and Area.

Principle #7 We believe that being involved in your community leads to full citizenship.

Principle #8 We believe we have a role in grassroots community development.

Principle #9 We believe it’s important to plan for future needs of people living in our community.

Principle #10 We believe in an organizational culture that encourages learning, risking, evolving and innovating.

Principle #11 We believe in the honourable role that staff play in people’s lives.

Principle #12 We believe in planning that is separate and local and also, we believe there is a role for independent, unencumbered planning in Ontario’s developmental service system.

Principle #13 We believe that our organization is healthier when there is an active quality assurance process in place in every area of the organization.

Click on the attached fillable form  Friends of Community Living St Marys and Area June 2021
to register as a Friend of Community Living St. Marys and Area and submit by either mailing the form to:

Community Living St. Marys and Area
300 Elgin St East
St. Marys, ON
N4X 1B9
email to: centraladmin@clstmarys.ca