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Resource Materials

Core Gifts – What are they?

For more information, check out http://www.coregift.org/
and http://www.communityactivators.com/

The Joint Health and Safety Committee

CLSMA 2023 AGM Report

CLSMA Policy & Procedure Manual Rev Mar 2024

Statement of the Rights of Supported People

Our Story: Who We Are And What We Do

Stories and information about Community Living St. Marys and Area

Community Living St Marys and Area 50th Anniversary

Published 2012
Celebrating 50 years with Personal Stories from the Past to the Present

Back to the Future – O’Brien Report October 2012

Some Considerations for the Leadership of Community Living St Marys & Area

Home Sweet Home

Published 2006
A resource booklet developed in the community of St. Marys, Ontario to address the need for people with limited incomes and disabilities to have security of home.

Families From St. Marys And Area

St. Marys and Area Presentation to the Select Committee Jan 13 2014

Inclusion and Opportunity: A New Path For Development Services In Ontario

Select Committee Final Report July 2014

2023-2026 CLSMA Strategic Plan

2023-2026 CLSMA Strategic Plan Plain Language

CLSMA Accessibility Plan 2014 to 2021