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Alternative Support Options

We all dream of a place that we can call home.  This can mean many things to many people.  Community Living St. Marys and Area explores all creative options for living arrangements and support that starts with the person.

Share Your Home

An opportunity for people to share a home and life together outside of traditional service.  It can involve occasional visits or living together full-time.  There is an extensive process in place to ensure good matching, screening and that ongoing monitoring is happening.

Supportive Neighbour

Someone who lives close by and agrees to provide “neighbourly” help.  This could be some shared meals, checking in on the person or remote monitoring overnight or other times of the day.

Self-Employed Workers

Some people and their families choose to manage hiring self-employed workers to provide some or all of their support.  Community Living St. Marys and Area has resources available that can be helpful such as sample agreements for workers, screening checks and forms. The Community Resource Coordinator can also support people and families in various ways such as helping with development of a support plan etc.

For more information on any of the above Alternative Support Options, contact the Community Resource Coordinator

Passport/Individualized Funding

Use of Passport funds/individualized funding can range anywhere from full self-administration to accessing some assistance including administration, bookkeeping and payroll for example.  Some families also choose to use CLSMA employees and supervision entirely.  A tailor made approach can be developed based on each person’s needs.

For more information on Passport Funding: www.cscn.on.ca